Introduction of New Features


How do you nudge a visitor that a new feature has been launched? One option is to add overlays on top of the site with a walkthrough to act as a tutorial. This provides a call to action for the user to discover the feature. Another option is to add a simple inline callout to call attention to the new features upon log-in and explain to the user why the features adds value. Below is an example from that advertises the feature on login.

On the WalkMe site, they offer some other ideas to market a new feature:

  1. Offer release notes of the new features
  2. Provide a “new since your last visit” pop-up screen – this will help users when they launch the application and onboard them more easily.
  3. Beginning a marketing email campaign that will nurture your customers along the renovation and new version phases. Display clear and concise marketing messages, with clear call-to-actions, on your homepage that will entice the users to click.

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